How much capital and commodity mixing station equipment needs, how much, and the size of the land price, the size of the mixing equipment, the number of brands and the number of mixer, as to the number of commodity mixing station profits mainly affected by regional restrictions, in general each cubic Concrete net profit in the range of 50-80 yuan.

First, the investment commodity concrete mixing plant the greater the size of the funds tend to be higher

Commercial concrete mixing plant also has many models, often more concrete mixing per hour the higher the price of equipment, the same is a commodity mixing station, the production of 25 square meters per hour is also a commodity mixing station, mixing 35 square meters per hour is the commodity mixing station , Hourly mixing 50, 60, 70 side of the concrete are all commodity mixing station equipment, the higher the yield of the use of the mixing station host equipment and the greater the higher the configuration, the price of your natural.

Second, build a Commercial concrete mixing plant profits are not the same as each place

Different regions, the intensity is not the same, when the cost of raw materials is not the same as the ups and downs, the number of production stations per month is not the same. The same yield, the same mixing station, the profits of different months will be different. In short, the lower the cost of raw materials, concrete mixing plant, the production side for several months, the higher the unit price, the higher the profits.

Third, the size of the concrete mixer team on the price of commercial concrete mixing plant also has a great impact

We all know that a concrete mixer 30-50 million price varies greatly, a mixing station team in accordance with 10 Shaanxi Auto Delong chassis 8 side mixing tanker to be about 3.5 million, Haomer concrete mixing plant manufacturers to advise funding is not sufficient Of customers can rent or seek anchored mixer.

Fourth, the use of different commercial mixing plant impact of concrete mixing plant investment funds are not the same

You choose the type of commodity mixing station has a lot to do with what you are using, is the engineering station, or commercial mixed stations, general merchandise engineering mixing plant investment compared to commodity mixing station equipment is much less, but not absolute.