Factory Visit - Top Manufacture

We can pick up you from airport and we offer business etiquette reception, guide you visit our first-class manufacturing factory, advanced manufacturing equipment and modern exhibition, machinery accessories exhibition hall.

Service Policy - Pay Attention

Our abroad service policy:We guarantee the whole machine for 12 months, and within the length of warranty, as for the products quality problem, the replacement components and expressage will be free of charge.

Transport Network - Perfect System

Our transport network can make sure that you got the high quality machine safe and on time. We can arrange transport mode according to your specific situation,by sea, by air, by train or other means.


Customer Service - All For You

If you got any problems when using the machine, please feel free to contact us. We try our best provide you our best service.

FAQ - Solve Your Confusion

We provide various FAQ you may need, not only about our products but also our company and our service. Once you meet a question,you may find the answer here,if not,feel free to call us or email us.