Safe and smooth operation of concrete mixer machines paves the way for normal process of construction projects. Therefore, it’s crucial for users to keep proper maintenance for both electric concrete mixers and portable concrete mixers. So many people believe that an operator’s work is done as long as the mixer is powered off after a circulation of work. A good quality mixer would keep excellent state even though you do this for a short period of time. If you want to avoid little troublesome failures in later usage of the mixer, however, you’d better clean it carefully after powering it off each time.
concrete mixer machine

The cleaning work proves to be not complicated but you have to stick to it. You should close the cement tank gate and remove remaining cement out of the screw pipe. The surface of the concrete mixer machines should be cleaned completely. The mixing tank must be washed thoroughly so that no concrete is left inside. Lubricants should be used onto necessary connecting parts and corrosion resistant oil onto components needing protection. Last but not least, liquid material, oil and dust should be wiped out of any possible device. In this way concrete won’t get dry or hard inside the mixer. It’s worth mentioning that all power sources must be cut off before doing the cleaning work.