Although concrete batching plants bring great convenience to modern construction, they produce environmental problems as well. Except for dust pollution, water pollution remains a serious threat to surrounding neighborhoods. Waste water from concrete batching plants contain large amounts of various chemicals doing harm to human health and ecological environment. What’s the harm of the waste water specifically?
concrete batching plant

People can get emergent or chronic intoxication by contacting waste water from concrete batching plants. Avoiding drinking polluted water only solves half the problem, because the toxic elements can be passed through food chains. If you eat a fish from polluted rivers, for example, you will get poisoned. The problem is, few people are able to tell the source of a fish simply by its appearance. Besides, carcinogenic chemical elements like arsenic, chrominite, phenylamine, benzene etc, are likely to attach onto suspended solids or accumulate in bodies of water animals like fishes. Long term drinking of this type of water or animals may lead to cancer. Infectious disease can spread through water polluted by faeces of animals or people that have poisonous chemicals in their bodies. Famous relative diseases include typhoid, dysentery, enteritis, cholera, infectious hepatitis virus etc. In the last century HAV broke out in Shanghai because of water pollution. In addition to direct impact to human health, indirect influence of waste water from concrete batching plants is also worth noting. Some chemicals make water smelly or show colors. Others prevent micro animals from normal growing and reproducing, reducing self-cleaning ability of water and eventually influencing water state. Therefore, waste water from concrete batching plants, if not treated reasonably, would lead to infectious disease through food chains.

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