Judge The High Quality Concrete Batching Plant

A high quality concrete batching plant will bring so much profits to your projects. But how we choose or judge the best batching plant and suitable to our projects and save much more energy and cost for us.

1. High efficiency,low energy consumption, excellent environmental protection will be the principles that we must take into consideration.

2. Mixing console-mixing performance. A strong mixing performance will produce the rapid and high productivity. For dry, rigid, plastic and all kinds of concrete, the strong mixing console can reach a good mixing quality concrete.

3. Make sure the reliability of the control system. Actually, PLC will be our best choice and it can allow the two computers to work at the same time for the whole production process. Automatic, semi automatic and manual mode can be chosen.

4.The pneumatic system will be taken into consideration. The pneumatic system and the amount of air compressor tank adoption, is to nesure adequate pressure sensitivity and actions.

5. Powder metering system can reduce blockage possibility of mixer shaft.

6. Water metering system can use flow meter technologh delicate the weighing of water ensure accuracy of weighing.

7. Additive metering system. This system is also important to the continuous concrete batching plant. It if available to clean additive scale after every act.

8. The choice of belt conveyor. Horizontal belt conveyor and inclined belt conveyor will be available to choose.