Mobile batching plant with many performance advantages can meet the needs of different users , it adapt to a variety of occasions of operational needs. In some projects, it is very applicable and can save a lot of cost, especially for some remote mountain areas such as road and bridge. It is necessary to transfer the work site continuously. At this time, the use cost of the mobile concrete batching plant is far lower than that of the concrete mixing station.which can create more value.

1, lining plate and blade are all wear-resistant cast iron, with reasonable angle design, good mixing effect, fast speed and long service life. Scrapers, mixing blades and shafts are fluid designs. For hard, semi dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete can be completed good mixing.

2, the connection is convenient and quick. After arriving at the scene with the installation of the crane, it will take only one to two days to achieve the construction effect in different places. Therefore, special on-site concrete construction and emergency repair and rush to build special large volume concrete operation.

3, low requirements for the site, saving a lot of civil construction costs. The installation of this portable concrete mixing plant can be adapted to local conditions, because it is simple. It can not need any foundation in temporary construction. It can be quickly put into production for simple and smooth production of the site. It is easy to operate and easy to repair, without high cost of civil construction.

4, the initial work of the station is very few. The concrete needed in the process of station construction can be self provided and save a lot of time and money.

5. After the completion of the project, the demolition and transfer will be quick and convenient, saving a lot of transit costs.