Placement Methods of Concrete Batching Plants

In general, concrete batching plants has large size thus the way how to place it properly in some degree determines the efficiency and the work speed of concrete batching plants. In the following passage we introduce some reasonable placement methods of concrete batching plants for you and we hope to be helpful.

1. In the vertical concrete batching plants, the material is only upgraded for once time and then by weight falling to the various processes. This kind of concrete batching plants has advantages of high efficiency, small occupation area, and easy implementation of automation while the disadvantages are that the structure is complex thus the manufacturing cost is expensive and the installation height is high.

2. In the level concrete batching plants, the material needs to be upgraded for two times. In the first step, the material is upgraded to a storage hopper and after weighing the material is upgraded again to the concrete mixer. This form of concrete batching plants equipment has advantages of simple structure, less investment, low construction height while the disadvantages are that the material needs to be upgraded for two times thus the efficiency and the degree of automation are relatively lower.

3. In the mobile concrete batching plant, the material loading, storage, weighing, mixing and unloading devices are all installed on the same chassis. This kind of concrete batching plant equipment has the advantages of compact structure, easy handling and it can be directly adjacent to the construction site which therefore reduce the transmission distance of concrete and improve the economic performance.

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