Mixing Plant Safety Production Rules

1, mixing station staff not to work in spite of;Shall not be exhausted.And severely stop station all homework personnel mount guard after drinking.Banned all kinds of mixing station don’t gauge behavior is likely to cause safety issue.

2, found any unsafe elements are necessary to man on duty immediately tell the project manager or site, organize relevant personnel to clear.

3, each post homework personnel who found the production equipment of mechanical, electrical, each part of the circuit exists without repair problem is likely to cause accident, shall have the right to reject to enter production status.

4, wear slippers, vests, comrade to calls for equipment repair work, more calls in a production equipment operation condition in the work parts such as ingredients, progress, mechanical transmission.

5, mechanic or operator inspection regularly;The laboratory workers to check the condition of concrete mixing;Any personnel shall not aboard the station operation platform.

6, repair equipment, report to the project department for approval, reasonable organization and detailed time, operation room personnel in place admitted to repair parts, and the detection power rear can start operation.

7, when try repair demand in the job, operating to admit that the personnel is out of job site before electricity operation.But still need to hit the bell warning shots before operation.When the field repair personnel imply endorsement Be permitted for commissioning.

8, the production task end routine mixer and the discharging door, produce auxiliary workers after the operator notice.Before operation, it is necessary to agree with recognized by the operator and turn off the power supply, to ensure the safety of operation.In the process of finishing, operation room personnel necessary to stick to jobs, close cooperation.When need to blender discharging door movement, it is necessary to take a closer look at sorting workers are in safety orientation party must connect the power and operation.