HZS25 Concrete Mixing Plant For Sale

Our HZS25 concrete mixing plant for sale represents high efficient concrete plants of small scale. Also known as 25 mixing station, it is a semi-automatic set consisting of components for feeding, batching, mixing, electrical control and structure. Haomei HZS25 concrete mixing plant for sale has been developed with adoption of latest international technology, suitable for concrete production and supply in small building sites, prefabricate factories and mobile projects like highway and road building.

Our HZS25 concrete mixing plant for sale has the following features. First, it’s of modular structure, making it convenient for installation and relocation. Second, it’s equipped with forced mixer of twin shafts, which guarantees mixing quality and efficiency. Third, PLD800 serves as the core unit of its batching system. This makes sure that measurement of aggregates will be accurate and fast. Fourth, both the powder and liquid materials are weighed by electronic scales featured by high precision.

Concentrated mixing by HZS25 concrete mixing plants have obvious advantages over traditional separated mixing of concrete. First, it has strict control of raw material ratios, which eliminates inaccurate batching and guarantees concrete quality. Second, it’s convenient to equip an integrated machine with automatic control system that helps to improve efficiency, save manual work and reduce production cost. Third, concentrated mixing takes up less floor area and avoids material waste, since there’s no need for instant installation of separated devices and storage of raw materials.