Concrete Mixing Plant Screw Conveyor Model Description

1.HZS25 concrete mixing station model is the use of conveyor length is 6 meters ø219mm, required number two.

2.HZS35 station also used in two ø219mm 6 m screw machines.

3.HZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant using three ø219mm 6 m screw conveyor.

4.HZS60 Concrete Mixing Plant using three sets of eight meters ø219mm spiral machine.

5.HZS75 Concrete Mixing Plant used ø219mm 8 meters long spiral machine, 2 sets of 8 meters ø273mm.

6.HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant station screw conveyor 8 m ø273mm3 Taiwan, eight meters 1 ø219mm station.

The above description is also not fixed, it can be designed according to the actual situation.(construction machine concrete batching plant)

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