How to judge the strength of concrete mixing plant factory has always been a problem that new users pay more attention to. Because they don’t know much about the concrete mixing plant equipment, or even know how to inspect the manufacturer and what kind of information is need to be checked. When it comes to how to choose concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has the following suggestions for your reference.

1, Check the credibility strength.
Investigate whether the concrete mixing plant manufacturers have better credit, reputation, certain production strength and larger production scale.
2, Check the product quality.
Investigate the quality of the concrete mixing plant equipment produced by the concrete mixing plant factory, the maturity, technology, price and wearing parts should be checked.
3, Check the market repercussions.
Investigate the customer group of concrete mixing plant manufacturers and determine the industry reputation. If it is available, you can also go to visit the current case in your city to see the performance and details of the concrete plant.
4, Check the policy system
Investigate whether the factory have relevant policies and regulations concerning installation, commissioning, operation training, warranty, wearing parts and technical guidance.
5, Check the after-sales
Investigate whether the concrete mixing plant factory has perfect and satisfied after-sales service, such as how to solve the problem if the equipment fails during operation.

Afterwards, we must choose the right concrete mixing plant equipment according to the site conditions and the planned output.