Treatment of Sand and Gravel in Concrete Mixing Plant

In the process of small mobile concrete mixing plant , it will discharge a large amount of sewage, if not properly handle these sewage, will cause water pollution, then the impact on the business or the surrounding environment are great. So the concrete mixing station of the sewage treatment is imminent! And there will be a drop of sand and gravel, then, we will talk about how to carry out the concrete mixing plant sand recycling and sewage treatment!

For the recovery and treatment of sand and gravel, it can be used to separate and break the screen and crusher, and make the two recycling. And for sewage treatment, we can first unified recycling and precipitation treatment, after precipitation of wastewater, the surface of the water can be used for two times, because this is when the water containing admixture, etc. For the production of mini concrete batching plant has no adverse effect, such words can reduce the cost. In addition, the two use of water can also be washed down the field of dust, to keep the environment clean.

Above is the haomei machine for concrete mixing plant aggregate recycled sewage treatment from a point of view, if there are other opinions are welcome to guide!