What Should Pay Attention to the Installation of Mixing Plant

1, because of the mixing plant with the use of the site will certainly need long-distance transport, so before the installation, it is necessary to re-check the whole again to see if there is no long-distance transport caused by machine screw loosening, welding rupture, and ventilation Mouth fouling problems.

2, the installation should be carried out according to the steps, the first installation of the mixer host, and then the console, and next to is the ingredients, conveyor belt, cement warehouse can be finally installed. The advantage of the steps is that the main part of the machine and the secondary part of the reasonable installation.

3,the last cable, this part is spend to at least one hour, because the line of fire ground wrong one will cause accidents, to ensure the installation machine parts when dry, and each groove tube to do a good job of protection.

4, when mixing plant installation is completed, do not rush to test machine, and then carefully check it again, the test machine should be an hour, part of the first part of the trial, and then the entire line of test machine.