How Much Money Can Build a Small Mixing Plant

Now, as the country began to vigorously support the development of rural areas, the infrastructure around the new high-rise residential construction have begun a large scale. In such a situation, it is bound to generate concrete and other construction materials for the huge demand, so in the rural areas of a small mixing plant would be a good investment. So how much money can build a small mixing plant do? This is a question investors are more concerned about.

Specifically how much money and do not have a precise figure. Because the cost of different regions of space, and personnel are different, and device models of different sizes using different mixing plant, prices are not the same. Since it is the construction of a small mixing plant, select the device on to the small or medium size, and now a small mixing plant for equipment used are HZS25 mixing plant, HZS35 mixing plant and equipment investment takes about 20 to 300,000 or so.

In addition to investment in equipment, as well as the origin of the rental, staff salaries, pre-feed and other costs, even during the pre-operation also underwritten, so the construction of a small mixing plant is relatively easy, and operators will need to invest more funds.
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