In addition to the quality and price of the china beton mixer, the customer also pays attention to a very significant problem, that is the service life. The customer does not want to buy a set of cheap equipment but has short using life. For some trusted concrete mixer manufacturers, wear-resistant alloys is adopted to ensure the maximum service life of the mixer. In addition to the efforts of the manufacturer, customers can also extend the life of the concrete mixer by taking some treatment. First, check the concrete mixer before use. In the concrete mixing plant, the inspection of the concrete mixing machine is particularly important because the mixing machine is the core host of whole concrete batching plant. Second, the cleaning work of the concrete mixer. After the work is completed, it is not as simple as stopping. It is important to clean the inside of the beton mixer. Because the main gel material of concrete is cement, once it is solidified, it is difficult to clean, causing condensation inside the mixing drum, which ultimately affects the mixing work and aggravates the internal wear of the concrete mixer. Therefore, after using the mixer, the customer can clean it by himself. The large concrete mixer has an automatic cleaning system, which is more convenient to clean. Third, record the abnormal condition of the concrete mixer. Recording is the key for engineers to find problems and timely maintenance and repair. For example, judge whether the motors, transmission gears are normal when they work by the noise. If there is any abnormal noise, stop the work in time and inspect the mixing machine. If the above points can be achieved, and then the standard operation of the concrete mixer equipment can be truly guaranteed, the service life of the china beton mixer equipment can be be effectively extended.