Why To Choose HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant

HZS35 concrete batching plant is usually regarded as a type of small scale batching plant. However, small conductivity and high flexibility makes it a popular plant for projects like civil building and bridge construction. Before making an investment decision people usually concern a lot about price. Then how much does a set of HZS35 concrete batching plant cost? Is it cost efficient? Generally speaking, price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some suppliers may ask for RMB300,000, while others provide offers around RMB150,000. This is a little confusing, but all prices match quality. Different factories apply varied materials as well as technological process. Larger suppliers usually give higher price than smaller ones because they attach more importance to quality, service as well as market praise. They aim to build long term business relationship with clients. Smaller suppliers, however, can not afford to lose a client, therefore, they do everything possible to win clients over first. It’s recommended to visit several factories before making a final decision.

If you choose a reliable supplier, HZS35 concrete batching plant is very cost efficient. Take Haomei HZS35 concrete batching plant for example. It’s highly equipped. First, it adopts modular structure, which enables people to install, dismantle and move it in a convenient way. Second, it’s equipped with JS750 forced mixer of twin shafts. This kind of mixers are featured by high efficiency and excellent mixing effect. Third, the aggregates are distributed by PLD1200 dosing machine that measures aggregates accurately. Fourth, all raw materials, powder, water and additives, are measured by electronic scale of high distributing precision. Fifth, the water supply system, designed on the principle of hydrocone booster pump, spays water more quickly and evenly. Sixth, electronic control system, with imported components, can be controlled both manually and automatically.

In a word, HZS35 concrete batching plant is worth choosing because it’s cost efficient and highly equipped. It has both manual and automatic control systems.