Inspection of the Rotation of Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer can be divided into mobile concrete mixer and stationary concrete mixer with its different way of movement. Stationary concrete mixer is generally installed on a set place, which is difficult to move and transfer. Generally speaking, stationary concrete mixer has higher productivity, which is especially suitable for large concrete batching plant.

In contrast, mobile concrete mixer is equipped with wheels, which also has small occupancy and compact structure, and it has extensive application in small and medium construction works. The rotation condition of all kinds of concrete mixer can greatly affect its production efficiency, and users should make a well control of it in actual producing process. With years of producing experience, we want to help worldwide customers by providing the inspection process of the rotation of concrete mixer by details.

Concrete mixer should undergo low speed operation firstly after starting, and users should adjust it to the rated speed when the temperature rises.
All instrument indicator of concrete mixer should be in a certain range in the production process. In general, the oil pressure should be within 0.15 to 0.4MPa, and the oil temperature should be between 70 and 90 degrees.
The exhaust gas should have no color, and there should be no black smoke in normal combustion.
Listen to the voice of the engine, and the normal operation should be stable and sound.
It is bad for concrete mixer to undergo low speed operation for a long time, which may cause carbon deposition at combustion chamber.