How to Use Cement Mixing Plant to Improve Quality of Concrete

Concrete is often used for building materials in today’s society. The specific behavior of this material in the field of life is broader. Concrete is often used in today’s society for building materials. The specific behavior of this material in the field of life is broader. In life, people often use cement mixing plant to process and produce concrete. So how do we use cement mixing plant to improve the quality of the concrete.

First, Cement mixing plant to ensure the quality of concrete raw materials. Each kind of raw materials need to undergo a rigorous inspection, must be qualified the quality of before use;

Cement must be stored in batches of cement silo, to be the same type of cement with the same name to be sampled, found immediately after the quality problems Treatment; sand and gravel should also be checked, especially for the quality of coarse aggregate, gravel in the collection, transportation and storage process is strictly prohibited mixed with the impact of concrete performance of harmful substances; fly ash also called sampling inspection, qualified before use;

Admixture in the selection should also be based on concrete performance requirements and other environments, construction requirements to choose; water is also very important, if not checked, be sure to use tap water.

Cement Mixing Plant

Cement Mixing Plant

Cement mixing plant not only to ensure that the quality of concrete raw materials , management is the key, so we must have a certain management system. The main person in charge of the company must adhere to the principle of quality first in the process of leadership, in the quality of the meeting to analyze the quality of the situation, sum up and layout of quality work, the organization to deal with major quality problems, and to reward and punishment;

Engineers to solve production process in the impact of quality problems, the organization of new product development and design;

Technical departments to develop quality plans, strict supervision of the implementation of cement mixing plant. Cement mixing plant in the production of concrete staff shall not arbitrarily modify the proportion of configuration, if serious consequences not only to be responsible but also to be punished;

Transport of concrete is the driver should always check the vehicle, maintenance, especially before the charge to carry out a rigorous inspection;

Cement mixing plant staff should always check all the machines, and do maintenance work, to ensure that The cleaning of the machine.

Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete Mixer Truck