The Method of Mixing Plant for Sale

The concrete produced by the batching plant for sale directly affects the quality of the project. The relevant policies strictly regulate the quality of the concrete for better guarantee the quality of the project. This is inseparable from the correct ratio of raw materials. In current, the concrete batching plants use professional batching machines for ingredients. Therefore, we need to master the correct batching operation methods to ensure the correct raw materials ratio of batching plant.

During the use of the batching plant for sale, for the same batching machine, different specifications of aggregate and different material door opening have different calibration coefficients. Therefore, when changing the aggregate size and adjusting the door opening of the material, it is necessary to re-calibrate the calibration coefficient corresponding to the batching machine. At the same time, the batching hopper of the concrete batching plant equipment should always maintain the same aggregate specifications in the batching machines. The inconsistency of the aggregate specifications will not only affect the fluctuation of the mixture gradation, but will also seriously affect the performance of the mixture. Therefore, the management of stockpiles should be strictly strengthened to prevent mixing. At the same time, the loaders must be careful to prevent the occurrence of mixed bins. Through the above-mentioned methods, we can ensure the quality of finished products of the concrete batching plant better, and meet the requirements of the engineering standards, and bring more profit to the batching plant for sale.