While operating concrete plant you can not avoid contacting large inclined belt conveyor. The conveying belt plays an essential role in operation of the whole plant. However, when there’s something wrong with the belt, it causes lots of trouble as well. Then what are common problems of a conveying belt and what are the solutions?

The usual problems of concrete plant conveying belt include starting failure, sliding location and aggregate leakage. If you can not start the belt normally, you should check whether one or more of the following switches are on: the emergent switch, the air switch and the signal switch. To deal with sliding location of the belt you can try four ways. First, increase load for tightening device of the conveying belt, or tighten regulating led screw to improve positive pressure and force of friction between the belt and delivering rollers. Second, adjust tightening rollers near delivering rollers to enlarge coverage angle of the belt around the delivering rollers and eventually to add to friction force. Third, cut straight flutes into rubber covers of delivering rollers to increase force of friction. Fourth, replace the old rolling device with a new one if the three methods above fail to solve the problem. Aggregate leakage is usually caused by two reasons. First, the rubber striker plates of the feed channel has been damaged. Under such a circumstance you can simply replace the plates. Second, aggregate will also leak off the belt when the latter goes off its normal position so that two sides of the belt are of different heights, then aggregates run easily to the lower side and get out. Here you can adjust position of the belt to solve the problem of a concrete plant.

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