The Small Concrete Mixer Price Is Related To The Model

Small concrete mixer usually used for self building and engineering repairs. In fact, the small concrete mixer price has a great relationship with its model.

JS series small concrete mixer is the JS500 concrete mixer which belongs to the double shaft forced concrete mixer with two mixing shafts. It has a stirring blade, which can play a good mixing effect on the mixture. It can be used as a single machine and can be used as the mainframe of the hzs25 concrete batching plant.

The JZC series concrete mixer is mainly a self falling double cone reversing mixer driven by the ring gear. It mainly stirs the plastic and semi dry concrete. It is mainly used as civil engineering. It is used in the field of mixing concrete. It is beautiful in shape, light in weight and convenient to move. JZC series small mixer mixers are mainly small models, such as JZC250, JZC350, JZC500 three models, the price is not high.

The biggest difference between the JZM series and the JZC series concrete mixer is the transmission mode, the JZC is the gear ring drive, the JZM is driven by the friction of 4 rubber tugs. It belongs to the rotating stirrer and reverses the material. It can stir half dry and plastic concrete. The operation is convenient and the mixing volume is larger. Compared with the gear self falling mixer, it has a smaller size. Noise, the operation is more stable. At present, the JZM series small concrete mixer is much larger than that of the JZC concrete mixer, mainly the JZM750 concrete mixer.