How does the Mixing Plant Turn On and Off

The proper start-up and shutdown of the mixing plant is important, not only to reduce the accident, but also to ensure the service life of the concrete batching plant.

Concrete batching plants boot sequence: the first inside the control switch inside the cabinet are open, including the mixing host, cement warehouse, water pump, dosing warehouse, flat belt, oblique belt, and discharge switch. Then turn on the computer host.

Open the first detection of mechanical movement, the first operation of oblique belt, and then run the host, and finally run the flat belt. This will ensure that the inside of the residue can run out. Keep the machine intact.

If the operation is in the normal circumstances, you can open the pump, ingredients and other machinery began to work properly.

If some devices start the wrong order, also said that there is no normal start, a long time will cause damage to the concrete mixing plant equipment, this situation is should to be resolutely put an end.