Material Conveying Equipment For Cement Mixing Plant

In the working process of cement mixing plant, different materials need different conveying equipment which can be divided into aggregate conveying equipment, powder conveying equipment and liquid conveying equipment. This paper introduces them in details.

1. Aggregate Conveying Equipment

At present, there are mainly two ways of aggregate conveying in cement mixing plant: skip hoist type, belt conveyor type.

The lifting hopper is generally used for mini cement mixing plant or small cement mixing plant which has compact structure and small floor area.

The belt conveyor is mainly used for large or stationary cement mixing plant and it has the advantages of high production efficiency, reliable performance, easy sealing, not susceptible to weather, low maintenance cost, etc.

2. Powder Conveying Equipment

The powder mainly contains cement, fly ash and slag. The general equipment of powder conveying is screw conveyor. Foreign large-scale cement mixing plant adopts pneumatic conveying and scraper conveyor while domestic company adopts less. The screw conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and reliable use.

3. Liquid Conveying Equipment

Liquid mainly refers to water and liquid admixtures which are transported by the water pump. When the control system sends a signal, the water pump starts to work. The fast water distribution solenoid valve and slow water distribution solenoid valve are opened and begin to add water into the water balance.

When the water level reaches the set value, the control system sends out signal and the fast electromagnetic valve is closed while water pump and slow solenoid valve continue to work. When the water yield achieves certain figure, the control system sends out signal then water pump and slow electromagnetic valve stop working.

You should maintain material handling equipment of cement mixing plant properly. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to this website. Feel free to leave us a message.

Cement Mixing Plant

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