How Many Cement Silos are Needed in Mixing Plant

Over the past two years, the mixing plant and equipment industry has strongly supported the urban and rural construction of the impact of urban and rural construction, forming a huge market, many investors began to build mixing plant in the township, hoping to get a huge market situation part of the profits. In the construction of mixing plant, what kind of equipment size, the use of cement silo and other issues tend to make investors hesitate.

Construction of mixing plant to use several cement silo it? In fact, the number of cement silo is never fixed, small-scale mixing plant sometimes also need to use more than one cement silo. So what factors determine the use of cement silo mixing plant number it?

Cement silo is used to store cement and other powder, mixing station if the site is far from themixing plant, high freight costs and long transit time, this time there should be a sufficient amount of cement powder reserve, we need a few cement warehouse.

In general, mixing plant production need to use some powder, then you need at least a few cement silo, and then depending on the circumstances set several more silos to one or a few powder to ensure supply.

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