Manual Operation of Portable Concrete Mixing Plants

The portable concrete mixing plants can be operated automatically or manually. If users don’t need automatic control, and manual operation can still complete the working process of portable concrete mixing plants, such as ingredients, mixing, discharging and so on. However, how to operate a manual portable concrete mixing plants? At this moment, I will introduce the new knowledge about the The

Turn on the power→ Open the air→ Open the operating manual mode→ Start the host and the air compressor to 0.7 MPa→ Open the IPC to monitor and warm up for 20 minutes→ Set or select the recipe→ Press the touch screen button or computer operation to mix aggregate, cement, fly ash and water→ The aggregate is discharged to the silo→ The extrusion aggregate is stopped→ open the door, gathered into the host→ Water, cement and fly ash are discharged into the host→ When the hopper door is closed, please stop the discharging→ Mixing is finished →The concrete is discharging from the host door → Press the host to shut down.

The Specific Manual Operation Process of Portable Concrete Mixing Plants

The first step is to close the circuit breaker. The second step is to turn on the control power switch on the console. The third step is to start the air compressor. When the pressure of air compressor reaches above 0.4Mpa, press the start button of hybrid host to start host motor of the hybrid. The fourth step is to press start button of the belt conveyor to start the belt conveyor when the motor of hybrid host is completed. The fifth step is to start the belt conveyor to make the belt conveyor automatically starts and runs. The sixth step is to set the manual batch weighing value through the weighing display panel or the keyboard. The seventh step is to press the manual batch button if needed.

Pay More Attention to the Manual Operation in Stationary or mobile concrete batch plant for sale

During manual operation, if cement is not used, please set it to zero in the ratio setting.

During manual measurement, please operate it in the order of “Cement 1 → Cement 2 → Cement discharge → Cement stop”.

If the cement ratio is not set to zero, please not skip the appropriate button to not use the cement, as this will seriously affect the measurement accuracy of the cement.