Maintenance of Electrical Equipment Parts of Portable Concrete Mixing Plants

Through frequent maintenance of the electrical equipment, we can reduce the failure and find the hidden trouble timely so that the further enlargement of the failure can be prevented. The daily maintenance objects includes contactor, electric circuit, relay and protector.

1. The dust and oil contamination are easily getting into the motor, which will cause the loss of electrical insulation resistance, poor contact, the deterioration of the heat emission condition of electric control cabinet and electrical circuit. It even causes the ground connection and short circuit. We should pay special attention to the removal of the dust with conductivity such as iron powder. Therefore, we should clean the dust and oil contamination which are in the electrical cabinet frequently.

2.Check whether the contactor is damaged, whether the amphenol connectors of all the electric appliances are loose and whether the connection falls off. Check whether there is the phenomenon of oil seepage and insulation breakage. If any, we must take actions to deal with it.

3. In order to guarantee the normal running of protector of electrical equipment, the setting of automatic air switch is not allowed to be changed randomly. The thermal relay should be chosen according to the requirements.

4. Strengthen the check and maintenance of the electrical equipment in the season with high temperature or frequent rain or in the cold season.