How to Judge the Quality of Cement Mixing Plant

There are a lot of cement mixing plant sellers on the market.  But many of cement mixing plantare poor quality products. So when purchase concrete mixing plant, customers must determine their own quality equipment.

1. To pay attention to reduce the cement mixing plant temperature, to achieve the temperature on the qualified book;

2. Metering bucket into the material to be smooth, there is no accumulation of materials;

3. If the concrete mixer is self-falling agitator, its discharge ring does not exceed 1% of the diameter of the inlet, and the quality of the steel mesh on the blender screen and the screen and the sieve Of the reasonable size and check the installation accuracy of the screen;

4. The operation of the transmission system should be flexible, no abnormal sound;

5. Belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever shovel and other transmission should be smooth, flexible operation, the brake can be high, no abnormal noise, no card chain;

6. The measurement system is also very important to check, to check the measurement system sensitivity and accuracy;

7. safety valve can not appear leak phenomenon;

8. The quality of the cement tank is qualified.

Cement mixing plant are widely used in roads, bridges, water conservancy and roads etc. Buy high-quality cement mixing plant can let us get the greatest benefits, while ensuring the quality of the project.

Cement Mixing Plant

Cement Mixing Plant