How to Treat Waste Water of Concrete Batch Plant

Waste water of concrete batch plant, produced during concrete production and vehicle cleaning, can be recycled by a special waste water treatment system. The system consists of three parts: slurry collecting, water solid separation and waste water treatment.

Slurry collecting can be realized by installing equipment, grooves and pipes beside slurry sources of a concrete batch plant. Slurry produced during vehicle cleaning flows into recycling device which separates water from sand and aggregates. Water gets into sedimentation tanks through pipes, while sand and aggregates are sent back to raw material sites. Besides, waste water delivery pipes lead rain water or other unclean water to sedimentation tanks, too. The waste water will go through three settling tanks until it becomes cleaner and goes into the clean water tank. Clean water can be used for vehicle again. Special pumps and pipes are applied to pump water out of the clean water tank. Some waste water flows through the first settling tank into slurry tanks for production. In the tanks there are stirrers keeping running so that materials in the slurry will remain of an even proportion, which makes them perfect for reproduction of concrete. In this way, water is recycled in a concrete batch plant site almost without waste or pollution.

Although it’s of great importance to keep concrete batch plants operating in an environmental way, it’s still worth mentioning that waste water treatment systems above should be built under instruction of water treatment experts. Purchasing of water treatment equipment entail lots skills as well. Besides, concrete batch plants of environmental type do not use less water than any other type. They are called environmental because they have less dust pollution and solid waste. Any plant, however, can not avoid using water for production and vehicle cleaning, which is bound to produce a great deal of waste water.

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