How to Deal with Cracks in Side Slab of Concrete Equipment

For people who know about concrete equipment, in the use of concrete equipment, the side plate will crack phenomenon. Today, the technical staff of our manufacturers give us about the cause of this phenomenon and the treatment. Hope to help you in the face of the same problems can be quickly and correctly resolved.
Crack Causes
1. Fly ash (sand) is too tiny and the strength of the body can not keep up;
2. Body volume is too large;
1. (1) improve the cutting hardness; (2) to improve the amount of fly ash sieve residue.
2. (1) control capacity; (2) the use of additives to improve the cutting strength of the green body.
3. 10 cm body cutting saws must stop, and then slowly fall
4, (1) reduce the proportion of slurry; (2) increase the amount of slurry; (3) reduce the amount of lime.

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