Factors to Consider When Choosing Baby Concrete Mixer

At present, the concrete machinery industry develops rapidly with the continuous growth of construction industry. There are many baby concrete mixer manufacturers in the market. Of course, different kinds of concrete mixer brands have different characteristics, in this case, consumers get confused and they couldn’t make a reasonable choice. As a famous manufacturer of baby concrete mixer at home and abroad, our company will share these following references for selection of baby concrete mixer with the majority of users according to our several years’ production and sales experience.

1. You should make a decision according to your engineering total amount and project duration. It will cause unnecessary wastes of capacity and early investment if you just go in for grandiose projects and blindly choose some plants which are higher than your actual needs. If you have the large demand for concrete for a long term, we suggest that you choose the large scale stationary concrete mixer or small sized concrete mixing plant, conversely, you can choose the medium and small sized mobile concrete mixer.

2. You can make a choice according to the actual requirements of construction projects, which are the composition and viscosity of the actual raw materials. If the raw materials have the high viscosity and large particle size, you can choose the self-falling concrete mixer with fast speed mixing barrel. Moreover, if the raw materials’ viscosity is high, but the particle size is small, we suggest you choose the stationary concrete mixer or the reverse drum type concrete mixer with small and medium capacity, the JZ series (JZ and JZM type) concrete mixer of our company will be your best choice. In addition, if the raw materials have low viscosity and the small particle size, we suggest that you choose the large scale self-falling concrete mixer.

3. You can choose according to the type of concrete required by construction engineering projects. The titling drum concrete mixer will be you optimal choice if it is plastic or semi plastic concrete, certainly, you can choose the stationary concrete mixer if it is high strength or lightweight concrete.

The above just are the general references, you need to consult the engineers if you want to purchase a baby concrete mixer, although the product models and parameters of the baby concrete mixer are similar, there are still differences between different baby concrete mixer manufacturers.

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