Factors that Affect Mixing Quality of Continuous Concrete mixer

Continuous concrete mixer is an efficient concrete mixing equipment in modern construction works, and the mixing quality of continuous concrete mixer has a great impact on your projects. Generally speaking, there are many factors that may affect the mixing quality of continuous concrete mixers in the actual production process, and the main factors are as the followings:

The mixing ratio of concrete and other materials should be correct, and users should mix all kinds of materials, such as concrete, aggregate, sand, water and other additives accordingly and accurately with the operation instruction.

The weighting system of continuous concrete mixer should be precise and accurate. It is evidently that an inaccurate weighting system will greatly decrease the quality of your final product.

Users should select high quality raw materials, and the selection of raw materials should meet certain requirements so that users can ensure the quality of final product from its origin.

All raw materials should be put into the mixer with a certain order. If users put all materials into the mixer randomly, it may greatly influence the mixing quality of the final product. The operator’s operation also plays an important role in the mixing of concrete mixer, which users should take full attention.

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