Core System of Continuous Concrete Mixer

In order to satisfy customer’s demand, continuous concrete mixer produced by Haomei Machinery have made great improvement in the mixing, weighting system and others, and our continuous concrete mixer can adapt to any hard working condition and environment. Here, we will introduce the core operation system of our continuous concrete mixer to help customers find the most appropriate equipment for their projects.

1. Concrete Mixing System
The mixing system plays an important role in the whole equipment, which may greatly affect the quality of final products. Our continuous concrete mixer adopts strong anti-abrasion mixing shaft, which has strong mixing power, better mixing performance, low abrasion and high working efficiency. With high reliability, our continuous concrete mixer can greatly improve mixing speed, which will greatly shorten construction period, saving labor and costs.

2. Weighting System
Inaccurate weighting of all kinds of materials will greatly lower the quality of final products. With the combination of advanced technology, our continuous concrete mixer have more accurate weighing system, and it can realize separate weighting of different ingredients.

3. Conveying System
Efficient material conveying system can greatly improve production efficiency, which can largely improve the output of and satisfy the construction demand of your projects.

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