Control Temperature Of Mixture Of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Apart from knowing the equipment well, the operator should have the common sense of production quality control. That is to say, they should have the general knowledge of temperature of asphalt mixture, asphalt-aggregate ratio and asphalt mix design. They should also be able to make technical judgment of mixture and analyze and solve the problem of mixture timely. The temperature of the mixture is one of conformity assessment standards of mixture. If the temperature of mixtures are too high or too low, both of them are waste and can not be used. Therefore, how to control the temperature of mixture is one of the basic skills of operator.

The quality of fuel is one of the factors which affects the temperature of mixture. If the quality of fuel is poor, which has low heating value, then it will cause the heating instability, which will affect the quality of mixture seriously. If the viscosity of oil is too high and there are many impurities and water, then the ignition will become difficult, the pipes will be clogged, and the temperature will be difficult to control; The moisture content of raw materials is another factor that affects the temperature. If the raw material contains more water and is uneven, then the heating temperature of aggregated rock is difficult to control. Besides, the technology of combustion system, the pressure of fuel supply pump and the quantity of the fuel injection are all related to the temperature of the mixture.

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