How to Control Dust for Mixing Plant

In the production, the mixing plant inevitably will cause some dust pollution, because its raw material is the aggregate and the powder. When the dust is discharged into the air for a long time without being controlled, it will cause serious dust pollution and adversely affect the environment. Therefore, dust control measures are necessary. Here, we will discuss how to effectively control the production of fixed-scale production of concrete dust pollution.

First of all, establish a closed yard environment. With the imperfection of China’s building industry, sand and gravel has not been washed, which has high dust content and they are easy to raise dust in the storage and transportation process, so users need to prepare a closed management. Generally speaking, users often adopt colorful insulation board, which can not only to prevent the spread of dust, but also reduce the noise pollution at work.

Second, the whole components of mixing plant should be sealed. It has the same sealing principle with the material field that is the adoption of colorful insulation board. In addition, the main station structure, operation control room and screw conveyor should be closed and sealed.

Furthermore, the dust removal of cement silo. Users generally installed dust collector at the top of the cement silo, which can effectively reduce the dust pollution.

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