Clean the Canister Of Portable Concrete Mixing Plants

Because the concrete will be solidified into a hard piece in a short time, and has certain corrosion to steel and paint, so the concrete tank after each use, wash the adhesion on the concrete tank and in and out of the mouth of portable concrete mixing plants is the daily maintenance of concrete must be earnest to work.
a. Rinse with water before each loading feed, the feed inlet kept moist at the time of loading;
b. While in charge of the vehicle’s own water tank filled with clean water;
c. After loading flush feed inlet, wash residual feed inlet near the concrete;
d. To the site after discharge, wash out the trough, and then into the concrete wash water tank plus 30-40 L; keep the concrete tank slowly rotate forward when the vehicle return;
e. Remember to let go before the next loading concrete sewage in the tank;
f. Wash thoroughly around the concrete tank and call it a day when I expected out of a day, mini mobile batching plant to ensure that there are cement and concrete lumps stick. These work as long as no one seriously, it will bring a lot of trouble for the future work.