Choose the Right Lubricant for Mixing Plant

In order to make the mixing plant work better for you, routine maintenance work is very important, one of it is lubrication.

Mixing plant is a set of steel-type machines, if long-term do not pay attention to the maintenance of simple ingredients show a rusty appearance. This requires the smooth agent to adhere to the machine can work properly, the right smooth oil can make the equipment station operation outstanding.

Do the mixing plant lubrication work is the first step is to choose a good lubricant.

Concrete mixer which as for the mixing host of mixing plant for its lubricating oil requirements are: a viscosity and viscosity characteristics of the viscosity, low pour point, good oxidation and stability without mechanical impurities and moisture, non-corrosive and wear substances.

Commonly used gasoline engine lubricating oil is 100c kinematic viscosity number, there are 6, 10, 15, 8 thickening, No. 8 low condensate, No. 8 synthetic thickening and other grades, the higher the grade, the greater the viscosity, its Quality indicators should be consistent with national standards. The choice of the lubrication of the gasoline engine must be determined by the type of environment used, the type of gasoline engine and the degree of wear. High temperature, large wear and large and stable soil mixing station machinery should choose a larger brand of oil; lower temperature, the new machine and the higher speed of the internal combustion engine should choose lower grades of oil.