Cause and Solution of Bearing Heating in Mixing Plant

In the use of mixing plant, too high temperature of bearing is not conducive to the normal production of the machine. If it occurs, you should immediately stop to inspect the machine and repair it timely. We give analysis on the cause and solution of bearing heating in mixing plant in the following passage.

1. Firstly, check the amount of grease to see whether it is appropriate to the machine. Clean bearing seat and bearing. Replace new grease if necessary. Add a 10mm cushion on the bolt slide and tighten the base of frame and motor by double nut.

2. Vibration will also cause bearing heating. Check whether the rack is fastened and the flywheel dynamic balance is good because the two reasons may cause equipment vibration. If the flywheel dynamic balance is bad, you can remove flywheel to reduce vibration.

3. Objective conditions. High external temperature and high speed of concrete mixer or fan may cause bearing heating or even fever in mixing plant.

4.Equipment reasons. Check whether the horizontal error of the two bearing seats is too large, friction exists between sealed cover and shaft, top clearance is too small. Re-position the shafting according to the previous measurement results and carry on twin bearing seats horizontal alignment.

5. When the bearing temperature of equipment in mixing plant is too high, do not adopt water or oil lubrication or other complex methods and instead you should take simple measures such as small belt pulley with cooling fan of JS series concrete mixers.

Above we summarizes the causes and solutions of bearing heating in mixing plant and we hope to be helpful to the smooth and efficient production of your construction sites.

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